How to hydrate better during the summer

The summer's heat and humidity can have a serious effect on your hydration.

No matter if you are spending time on the beach, in the park, or if you are going for a walk or a run, by sweating your body is loosing electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals and water alone cannot replenish them.

To keep your energy levels up and maintain muscle function you have to replace those electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Here is where BIX RECOVERY comes in.

What is BIX RECOVERY designed for?

BIX Recovery hydration tablets are designed to replenish your vitamin, mineral and electrolyte stores. BIX is a great alternative to those commercial sugary sports and electrolyte drinks as it comes without any unnecessary sugars, artificial colors or flavours. Bonus: It's gluten free and also vegan.

What is the best time to take BIX?

The short answer is ALWAYS - especially when you exercise or are spending time in the heat. With that said, BIX is great to take before, during and after any workout and here is why: 

Benefits of taking BIX BEFORE a workout

In fact, it is beneficial to start any workout well hydrated by taking 1 tablet of BIX dissolved in 200ml of water prior to your workout. That way your body is fuelt with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes before you even start sweating. This will keep your energy levels up and ensure that you can perform your workout at your best, since even a small fluid deficit can cause symptoms of dehydration, such as dizziness, low energy, muscle cramps or an increased heart rate.

Benefits of taking BIX AFTER a workout

BIX Recovery hydration tablets contain the 4 main electrolytes Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium as well as additional 8 vitamins and minerals.

Taking BIX Recovery after exercising (or sweating in general) will replenish lost fluids, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes which will speed up your body's recovery process and thereby make you feel less sore and tired the next day.

Benefits of taking BIX DURING a workout

Workout under 60 minutes: If you are exercising under 60 minutes, we recommend taking 1 tablet of BIX dissolved in 200 ml of water.

Workout between 1 - 3 hours: If you are exercising between 1 - 3 hours (and especially if in a hot or humid environment), we recommend to replenish your fluid levels and electrolyte stores with 2 tablets of BIX dissolved in 400 ml of water.

Workout over 3 hours: If you are exercising for more than 3 hours, we recommend to replenish your fluid levels and electrolyte stores with 3 tablets of BIX dissolved in 600 ml of water.

Note: For optimal fluid and electrolyte balance during your longer workouts, do not only rely on BIX but also consume plain water.

How much fluids do I need to drink?

If you want to get really specific on how much fluid you should drink after a workout, the best way is to weigh yourself pre- and post- exercise.

Expert Dr. Dana Cohen  says:

"If you have lost around 1. 5 % of your bodyweight, you are well hydrated, if you have lost between 1. 5 - 4. 5 % of your bodyweight, you are dehydrated. And if you have lost more than 4. 5 % of your bodyweight, you are severely dehydrated."

Bottom Line:

BIX can work for you before, during and after workouts depending on duration, intensity and environment.

Before: On hot and humid days, or harder intensitiy workouts, or longer duration workouts.

During: Longer workouts or shorter intense workouts in hot and humid conditions.

After: All workouts.