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Interview with BIX athlete Angelo Karagiannis

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Angelo Karagiannis was born in Athens (Greece), but lived most of his life in the UK. In 2012 he moved to Thailand where he works as a physical education teacher.

Angelo always loved running and had big dreams until an injury occured. He then focused on football but picked up running again a few years later. He has achieved countless podium finishes, however those trophies don't mean as much to him as running for a good cause. We are proud to have Angelo as part of the BIX Team!

1. Tell us 3 things about yourself that might surprise others

I wasn’t always a distance runner. I grew up running sprints and shooting hoops. I have lived more time abroad than in the country I was born in. I had long hair and a Harley (haha maybe times to kind of forget about!).

2. Tell us about your running journey - how did you start running?

Running has always been in me. I started running sprints and doing long jumps at the age of 11. A bad injury and the prospects of going to college stopped any dreams that I had at the time. I carried on playing football until one day my friends signed me up for a 10k foot race. It’s all history from there onwards haha.

3. Quick overview of your nutrition plan for a 25k - 50k trail race - before, after, and during the race

Nutrition and hydration is potentially the most important factor in a 25k plus race. Small and full of nutritional value meals, the day before leading to a 50k trail race is important. My rule of thumb once the gun goes, is small and frequent portions of easy to digest food every 30-45 mins ( I use an alarm to remind me!). Post race, I tend to drink Bix hydration tablets mixed with water and I will eat a quality meal too.

4. Quick overview of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner during a typical training day

Coffee with my very own mix of porridge oats and fruits/seeds for breakfast.

Lunch would be things like a good salad with an omelette, provided by my very own chicken!

I don’t eat meat, thus my dinner typically consists of brown rice or pasta, with lots of spinach and asparagus on the side. A greek salad covered in with extra virgin olive oil is always on the table too.

5. Your 3 most important recovery activities

Rest and rise my legs, compression socks, attention to post workout hydration and nutrition.

6. Overview of a typical training week

My usual week incorporates as a minimum a speed session, a long run and a tempo session. I am also a lot on my time trial bike. Finally, I will also incorporate a minimum of two strength and conditioning sessions per week.

7. What was your biggest running accomplishment?

Having won events and being on the podium is one of those things that comes and goes. Raising money through running for underprivileged children has been a trophy I will cherish for a very long time.

8. Your 3 running goals for 2020/ 2021

Be fit to run (health above all), race the trails again and enjoy a duathlon podium finish.


1. Describe yourself in 3 words: Relentless, Adaptive and Reliable

2. Favorite race? Khao Kho Trail

3. Favorite running shoe? Saucony Kinvara (it’s just so versatile!)

4. Your most important running gear? A good pair of sunglasses and BIX Hydration

5. Favorite snack/ gel during a run? Fruits

6. Are you a flat, uphill, or downhill runner? A downhill warrior!

7. Run in the cold or run in the heat? Running in the heat makes me mentally stronger.

8. Favorite racing distance? Anything between 10k-20k. Love the longer ones too though!

9. Running idol? Felix Sanchez - that bracelet meant so much!

10. Favorite trail? Pattaya Trails

11. Strength workouts indoor or outdoor: Core fitness workouts outdoor

12. A quote that you would put on a T-Shirt: You are in control of your own destiny!

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