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How to Stay Hydrated

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Drinking a sufficient amount of water is essential to deliver nutrients to your muscles, your organs, and your brain to make sure that your body can function properly.

It seems to be easy to drink enough water, however, up to 80 % of the population in developed countries is chronically dehydrated.

What determines your fluid requirements

Your fluid requirements are higher under the following conditions:

1. When you are living in hot and humid climates

2. When you exercise

3. When you are traveling

3. When you are drinking caffeinated beverages, alcohol or sugary soft drinks

5. When you are going to the sauna or steam bath

How do I stay hydrated

Health experts advise that the average person should drink 2 liters of water per day to stay well-hydrated.

Daily hydration routine

- Have a big cup (300 - 400 ml) of water straight after getting up in the morning

- Have a big cup of water with every meal

- Have a water bottle with you everywhere you go so you can sip on it during the day

- To add to the 2-liter count, drink tea, freshly squeezed juice or add BIX to your water

- Eat more fruits and vegetables (they are filled with water!)

- Limit the number of caffeinated beverages, sugar-sweetened soft drinks, and alcohol

Hydration after & during a workout

- Hydrate with electrolytes within 20 minutes after a workout

- Working out less than 60 minutes: Take 1 BIX hydration tablet post-workout

- Working out 1 - 2 hours: Take 2 BIX hydration tablets post-workout

- Working out 3+ hours: Take 3 BIX hydration tablets post-workout

Note: If you are performing long or hard-effort workouts or workouts in hot and humid environments, it is recommended to sip on some water and electrolytes during your workout.

The below chart displays the recommended dosage of BIX Recovery electrolyte tablets to stay well-hydrated and to support your Recovery when you workout.

Warning signs of dehydration

Sweating is crucial to cool down the body but it also means losing electrolytes.

These are the most common warning signs of dehydration:

1. Lack of performance in sportive activities

2. Lack of concentration

3. Muscle cramps

4. Mood swings

5. Headaches

6. Bad breath

7. Dark urine

8. Dizziness

9. Dry skin

What can I do if I am dehydrated

Should you experience symptoms of dehydration, drinking plain water is often not enough to restore your body’s electrolyte balance and you might need to supplement with electrolytes.

BIX Recovery is a sugar-free hydration tablet filled with the 4 main electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium) and many more vitamins to replenish your body's electrolyte stores, boost your immune system and allow you to perform at your best:

1. Sodium (150 mg)

2. Magnesium (150 mg)

3. Potassium (50 mg)

4. Calcium (50 mg)

5. Vitamin C (200 mg)

6. BCAA's /Branched Chain Amino Acids (100 mg)

7. Bromelain (100 mg)

8. Coenzyme Q10 (10 mg)

9. Zinc (10 mg)

10. Iron (2.5 mg)

11. Vitamin E (50 mg)

Note: BIX Recovery is made with natural colors and flavors and contains 6 times more magnesium and 8 times more vitamins and minerals than most hydration tablets.

Bottom Line:

Your physical and mental performance, as well as your overall health and quality of life, can simply be improved by staying on top of hydration.

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