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Fit and healthy through the holidays - Our top 5 tips

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

How to stay in shape?

Christmas and New Years are just around the corner and many of us wonder how they can stay fit and healthy over the holidays. Here we are going to share our top 5 tips with you:

How to stay fit and healthy?

1. Stay hydrated

Are you traveling during the holidays? Or do you live overseas and will meet your family and friends back home? Then it’s most likely that you will have to get on a plane or train. Unfortunately, that also means that you are exposed to a lot of bugs. Especially the dry air on the plane makes our airways frailer to bacteria and viruses. This is why you want to keep your mucous membranes as moist as possible by drinking at least 200ml of water per hour which in return will help to protect you from nasty bugs.

Christmas and New Years usually come along with alcohol consumption. In order to make sure that alcohol doesn’t affect you as much, be sure to drink 1-2 glasses of water along with any alcoholic beverage. Also, try not to drink alcohol 2 hours before you go to sleep to ensure good sleep quality. If you still feel like having a hangover the next morning have a big jar of water and drop in some BIX Recovery hydration tablets.

One tablet of BIX contains the main electrolytes Sodium (150 mg), Magnesium (150 mg), Calcium (50 mg), and Potassium (50 mg) which support your body’s hydration process.

2. Stay active

While attending Christmas gatherings it’s not always easy to stay active over the festive season. Hence it will be a good idea to schedule some walks or other (outdoor) activities with your family and friends.

In case you don’t feel like going outside you can also use this time of the year to work on strength and mobility at home. The good news is that 15 min in the morning will do it. Here are plenty of #Homeworkouts - created for runners - that you can do in your own living room. Using weights for these workouts is optional or can be replaced by a water bottle.

3. Healthy treats instead of processed sweets

Instead of eating processed foods and sugary sweets, why don’t you try some homemade natural sweets which are super yummy and fuel your sweet tooth just as much? Here is one of our favorite recipes and the good news is, that it's super simple to make too:

Christmas Protein Bites - Sweetened with Medjool dates and bananas, pumpkin spice for a Christmas kinda touch, and packed with proteins & nutrients they make the perfect HOLIDAY snack.


1 Large ripe banana

5 Medjool dates

½ Cup nut butter (we used peanut butter)

½ Cup plant-based milk

1 Tsp pumpkin spice (contains cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg)

2 Cups quick oats

* Note: If you have a sweet tooth you can add some maple syrup

How to make them:

a) Add the banana, dates, nut butter, milk, and spices to a blender (Vitamix) and blend until a doughy texture develops.

b) In a separate bowl add the oats and pour the doughy mixture into it and combine well.

c) Refrigerate the mixture for 30 min.

d) Take the mixture out of the fridge and roll it into bite-sized balls.

e) Refrigerate for another 30+ minutes.

Interesting fact: Calories are not just calories. Calories from healthy, natural foods can be absorbed and digested by our bodies smoothly and help you maintain your weight. However, the same amount of calories from processed foods tends to result in weight gain since its additives and chemicals cannot be broken down by our bodies and are likely to be stored in fat cells.

4. Get enough sleep

We often underestimate the importance of sleep in order to stay focused, healthy, and energized. While we are asleep our bodies repair damaged cells and boost our immune system. Lack of sleep has shown that we are craving more - especially sugary - calories to give us that kick and keep our bodies going throughout that tiredness. Unfortunately, this energy kick is a short term one and before you know it you are looking for another sugar and caffeine kick. Having said that you are better off to make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep or take time for a nap. Knowing that everyone’s sleep needs are a little different, science has shown that 7-8 hours work best.

5. Relax & Socialise

After all, keep in mind that it’s Christmas and that this time of the year is meant to spend a little different - with family and friends, working out a bit less while having a few more drinks and cheeky meals than usual. Remind yourself that this routine is only temporary and it is ok to enjoy it!

With that being said, just try your best but don’t be too strict with yourself so you can make the most out of this special time of the year :)

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Silke, Vlad & Lily

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